Sarv Shiksha ERP

Sarv Shiksha ERP is used for professionally functioning schools, which contain features like Registration, Enrolment, Attendance and Results. Sarv Shiksha ERP includes all information of a student like student personal details, marks, teacher and their attendance, managing fees and accounts.


Class Management

Provide functionality to manage classes, add sections and assign teachers and subjects to the classes.

Staff Management

Provide functionality to manage staff , staff login, assign courses, assign classes to staff.Teachers can add study material and marks.

Student Management

Student registration, enrol students,create their ID cards,manage payments and student login. Students can check their marks/results and download study material related to their subjects or class.

Enquiry Management

Manage Enquiries and create follow ups.

Course Ware

Teachers can upload study material for students and students or parents can download these study materials.

Attendance Management

Teachers can take attendance of students based on subjects and can also edit students attendance and students can check their attendance on daily basis.

Expense Management

Manage everyday expenses.


Generate Reports for enrolments,payments,marks and teachers.


Provide Fucntionality to send sms to students and teacher.